Songify is a companion app for streamers that lets you display the current song on stream!

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Feature rich and versatile

Check out what you can do with Songify!

A lot of players

Songify supports a wide variety of players, such as: Spotify, Youtube, Deezer, VLC, foobar2000 and Nightbot.

Customize the output

You can customize the output string to display whatever you want. You have the option to choose from a lot of parameters to make the string how you want it. 

It's free

Songify was, is and will forever be free. No fees, no subscriptions.

Open Source

Songify is Open Source which means that everyone can review and contribute to the project.

Cloud backed features

Songify enables the integration to the most common chatbots using cloud features.

Spotify Integration

Link your Spotify Account and benefit from Spotify-API only features such as: Download Album Cover, get all Artists from a Song and more.

Spotify Songrequests (requires Spotify Premium!)

Let your stream chat requests songs! Either through chat commands or channel rewards. Channel reward tutorial is in the FAQ

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Easily configured in minutes, built to support you during your whole streaming adventures. :)

Simple and easy usage, no strings attached

Songify just works. No setup or anything. Simply amazing

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